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All the content without the travel, time or delay.

I was booked on the course in London and was lucky to be working from home on Tuesday. It was interactive as you got to chat to everyone and I felt that because no one saw anyone asking questions and making comments seemed far less worrying than actually being in a room with lots of people.

If you're booked on a face-to-face session I would suggest transferring to online because you can stick your headphones in and just listen which was great for me.

Shane, Welfare Manager, London

The online training worked well. Having Andrew there to answer questions and address comments was fabulous - better than face to face in some ways as it was more of a "small group" situation and avoided the rush to ask questions at the end. I really enjoyed it and it meant that I could still keep one eye on what's going on in school during this period of uncertainty.

Many thanks for a great day! Really good use of time under the circumstances and has given the staff lots of professional reading to do while they're working from home.

It's good having Andrew there too! Better than video I think.

Liz, Headteacher, Essex

I have been really motivated by the online training. Andrew's anecdotal but incredibly informed knowledge of Safeguarding and its implementation in real-time has been so useful. Despite the often upsetting subject, the units have been the most enthralling I have ever completed as DSL (and I'm a veteran).

Trudy, Headteacher, Essex

Have just completed your course with you online. THANK YOU!

In addition to the absolutely brilliant weekly bulletin you produce this course a second best to in person was informative, clear, unsensationalised, factual, superbly delivered and refreshingly honest.

You have done in 41/2 hours what some struggle to do in a month/term/year.

Charlotte, Safeguarding Consultant, London

Safeguarding Handbook

Andrew Hall is the author of the Safeguarding Handbook. Everyone attending the course will take away a .pdf version of the Handbook. Other downloadable resources include:

  • posters
  • checklists
  • powerpoint slides
  • research documents
  • and much more

About this course

Filmed during an in-school workshop, this online course includes all the content from Andrew Hall's 'Advanced Safeguarding Course for Designated Safeguarding Leads'. The course explores an effective safeguarding model, the five key aspects of a systemic school system and an understanding of key issues in today's world.

Safeguarding and child protection is always evolving and government guidance seems to impose continual change and challenge. Andrew Hall works hard to ensure that the workshop has the most up-to-date content.

To keep children and young people as safe as possible, we must continually evaluate, learn and improve. The content of the ‘Advanced Safeguarding’ workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of all aspects of safeguarding, not just child protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill I been seen on camera?

    No. This is not a video call, as I think they can be intrusive and off-putting. We communicate through the live chat box.

  • q-iconIs this just a video?

    No. If you choose a scheduled course, I will be online throughout to answer questions and so will other attendees.

  • q-iconWill I get a certificate?

    Yes. After you have attended all four sessions, and completed a self-review, we’ll send you a certificate of completion.

  • q-iconDo I need any special software to take part?

    No. An online computer, tablet or even a phone is just fine. (Though, if you’re as old as me, the phone will be too tiny!)

"As I can’t offer a hot lunch or a lovely venue, and I have no travelling or hotel costs we have been able to reduce the price of the in-person course."

Small groups. Online chat. More resources.