Whole School Safeguarding Course (Online)

£695.00 plus vat

The Whole School Safeguarding CPD has been updated to reflect the changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021.

The course will include the key messages around safeguarding including:

  • updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education (2021)
  • online harms
  • peer-on-peer abuse
  • criminal exploitation of children
  • child protection refresher

What people say

“I am emailing to let you know how useful I found the safeguarding training yesterday. It was extremely interesting and informative. The time flashed past (so obviously not boring!). I have previously attended safeguarding courses where I have found some content horrifying, your course provided, at the very least, the same very powerful message without resorting to graphic detail. I will be recommending your course to my colleagues in other local schools.” Jean Wilson, School Business Manager

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins (with a 15 min break included)


The course will include a certificate of completion for each person.

How to access

The course can be accessed on a phone or tablet, as well as a computer; by one person on their own device, or as a group. For your privacy and comfort, participants will not be on camera.

Please note that although Andrew Hall will be leading this course for you, he will not be online with you. Any follow up questions or comments can be sent by email.

NB. Each course is set up manually and you will receive registration details later. Once set up, the course will be available on-demand for one month after the specific day to either re-visit the content or for colleagues who missed the session.

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